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GRADE LEVEL:  Grades 3-5

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  1 soft throwable ball and two bases per game

HIGHLIGHTS:  Eye-had coordination, tagging skills, catching, throwing, and evading.           

INSTRUCTIONS:  Set the court up by placing the two bases about 30 feet apart.  Two players are the basemen and another is the runner.  The basemen throw the ball back and forth between them.  The runner tries to time his running with the thrower so that he may run between the bases without being tagged by a baseman with the ball.  The runner scores a point every time he can tag a base while the ball is being thrown.  If he is tagged by a baseman, he is out and goes to the end of the wait line.  (Tagging is done by touching the runner with the ball while the ball is held securely by the baseman).  The baseman tagging the runner becomes the new runner and a new player comes in to replace the baseman.

HELPFUL HINTS:  Personally, I limit the runner to five points, at which time I will have him replaced by the baseman who has been in the game the longest.
     Also keep in mind that the runner may run back to the base from which he left, however he can only score by advancing to the next base.

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