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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Parachute skills

GRADE LEVEL: grades k-6


HIGHLIGHTS:  Increase strength of large muscle groups, cooperation, listening skills, coordination, moving at various levels, Teamwork.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Have each student grab a slice of the parachute.  The following movements can be performed.


FLUTTER - Have each child shake the parachute as fast as possible. 

DOME - everyone starts out in a low position, on the teachers command raise the parachute as high as possible, then on the second command pull the parachute to the floor quickly.

MUSHROOM - Same as above except have students take a few steps inward before pulling the parachute down. 

TENT - Follow the dome instructions, except have the students step inside the parachute before they pull it down.  Have them pull it down behind them.


JELL-0 - While students are sitting on their slice inside the parachute, have them kick the chute.

POPCORN - Place 5-10 balls on the parachute and have the students flutter the chute.


VOLCANO - Place 5-8 light balls on the parachute, start by beginning a dome, then on the teachers command (just before the parachute peaks) have the students pull down hard and fast.

FLOATING CLOUD (Magic Carpet) Have the students raise the parachute slowly, when it isd about to peak, have the students all let go at the same time (carefully).  Note: the parachute will generally fall towards the students who pull or hang on too long at the release.

MASHED POTATOES - Follow instructions on making a dome.  Have the students crawl out in small groups to smash the dome.  For example; "all students wearing blue jeans mash the potatoes".  Stress the importance of not walking on the parachute.

----- GAMES -----

MOUSETRAP - Have the students do a flutter.  The teacher calls groups of students under the dome.  The teacher yells "mousetrap" the students then pull the parachute to the floor.  Students that get caught may not go under until the next game.

Emphasize the importance of honesty in getting caught.  Also stress the importance of not putting your head through the hole in the parachute.


KNOCK IT OFF Divide the parachute into 2 teams, one team on each half.  Put one ball onto the chute.  The object of the game is to knock the ball off the other teams half of the chute.  You can play this game where players must keep both hands on the chute at all times.  However, it is also possible to play where you only need to keep one hand on the parachute and can defend with the other, but watch for students trying to score with their hand, which is illegal.


PARACHUTE BASKETBALL Divide teams as above, except this time place two balls, small enough to fit through the opening in the middle of the parachute, into the fluttering parachute.  The first team to make their ball go through the opening in the parachute scores a point.  Both hands must stay on the parachute; you cannot score with any body parts.


Basic parachute rules 1.  Never walk on the parachute.
                                       2.  Never stick any body parts through the hole in the parachute.

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