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EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  1 Bounce or playground ball, 1 four square court

HIGHLIGHTS:  Eye-hand coordination,   

INSTRUCTIONS:  First create a four square court by dividing an 8X8, or 10X10 square, into 4 equal squares.  The player in the #1 square is the server and always starts the game by saying, "ready?" - to which the other players respond, "serve!" Standing behind the service line, he drops the ball into his own square and after the first bounce, taps it into the center of any other square. (The first serve must be to the middle of a square, and must be returnable).  The skill in the game is tap the ball every time it bounces in your square and cause it to fall into another player's square.  Play continues until someone misses.

The following fouls count as a miss:

----- A player fails to tap the ball into another square

----- A player makes any contact with the ball before it hits the ground

----- A player hits the ball causing it bounce over the shoulders of the opposing players

----- A player hits the ball in any way other than fingers down and palms up

When a player misses, he goes to the end of the waiting line.  Other players rotate one position toward square #1 (depending on which player misses), and the first waiting player enters the game at square #4.  The object of the game is to become the server and to hold that position as long as possible.

NOTE: Balls that bounce on any lines, excluding the service line, are out.

HELPFUL HINTS:  Be sure that students waiting to enter square four keep plenty of distance from the squares, this will ensure that the players in the game have room to move without interference from the spectators.

     Arguments can be solved using the rock, paper, and scissors game.

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