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EQUIPMENT: 2 trolleys  

HIGHLIGHTS: Cooperation, teamwork

INSTRUCTIONS:  For this activity you will nee two trolleys.  These can be purchased in several forms or homemade.  Personally, I do not get much money, so I made my own.  I made my trolley from (2) 10 ft 4x4's.  basically, I drilled holes and installed 8 ropes into each trolley.  The object of the game is for 8 players to stand with one foot on each trolley (like giant skis), and holding a rope from each trolley, to walk from point A to point B.  Communication is the key to success.  Personally, I use this as a station in my cooperative/initiatives unit.

HELPFUL HINTS:  If I make a new set of trolleys, I will do things differently.  First, I used treated lumber, but this lumber warped.  So, my next build will be from untreated lumber.  Secondly, I built my trolleys using 4x4's.  I like the fact that they are heavy to move, but, on the downside, they are also heavy if they land on a toe or foot.  So, next time I build, I will try 2x4's (however, there will be less room to countersink the holes to accommodate the knots.


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