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EQUIPMENT: 1 can or similar size item (portion of a swim noodle), depending on number and skill level.

HIGHLIGHTS: Cooperation, Ice-breaker, 

INSTRUCTIONS: This is a very simple game that I use as an introduction and early cooperative game.  This game is designed for 12-15 players, however the game can be adjusted by changing the size of the object used in the activity.
     Start the game by placing the can (piece of swim noodle) between the noses of two players.  The object of the game is for the entire team of players to be touching the can, all at the same time, but without touching each other.  You can make this game more challenging by using a smaller item to try to touch, or easier by using a larger item.  You could also make this game into a race by timing how long it takes to solve this activity, or even have more than 1 group racing to solve the problem.
     In any case, if any two persons make contact, the entire group must start over.



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