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EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  I use 2 4x4s ( 1 set of trolleys), but a balance beam, or something similar would work.

HIGHLIGHTS:  strategy, cooperation, teamwork, balance

INSTRUCTIONS:  generally all you need is a beam of sorts, originally this game was designed for a telephone pole TP, Get it?  Anyway, since I do not have a balance beam or telephone pole, I use 2 4x4s.  I use two so that I can adjust the difficulty of the game.  As you read on you will see what I mean.

      When ready, I tell the following story to my students:

  The Story You are a group of weary travelers, you have been walking for miles.  Suddenly you come across a huge ravine.  You have never seen such a long and deep gap in the earth.  Fortunately, there is a giant redwood tree that has fallen across the ravine.  Sighing a deep breath of relief you start you group across the wood.  However, in the middle of the trip across, you run into another group going the opposite way.  Going backwards is not an option.  To survive, the two teams must pass each other without any players falling into the ravine.  Any touch of the floor by any player, counts as a fall.  If 1 player falls, the entire team must start again.

1.      Dived your group into 2 equal teams

2.      Have each team start on the wood and facing the other team.

3.      You may not move the wood!

Remember, if just one person touches the floor with any body part, they have fallen and the entire group must start over!

Level one
The boards are side by side when you start.
Level two Place the boards end to end

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