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NAME OF ACTIVITY:  Switch, Change, Rotate

GRADE LEVEL:  Grades 3-5


HIGHLIGHTS:  Cooperation, communication and listening skills        

INSTRUCTIONS:  Divide class into groups of three and have them scatter throughout the gym or playing area.  Each team will stand in a single file line facing the same direction.  There are only three commands to this activity:

     Switch – When the command “switch” is called; the lead player and the back player will exchange places.

     Change – When the command “change” is called the entire group will simply turn and go the opposite direction.

     Rotate – When the command “rotate” is called the lead player will go to the back of the line and the middle player will be the new leader.

     To begin the activity, have each group march or stand in place and try to execute the commands of the teacher.  Once they have a good grasp of the idea, I will have them walk and try to do the commands.  After walking, the students can try power walking or jogging while trying to execute the commands.  The groups do not have to move just forward and backward, they can go anywhere they like. (watch out for other groups).

     Variation – Make groups of 6 and line up just like above.  The variation is played just like the game above except that the front two players, the middle two players and the last two players act as one.  For example, on the command “rotate” both of the front players would move to the rear of the group.  Front, middle and end pairs always move as one.

HELPFUL HINTS:  Try not to get students to perfect every command, relax it should be fun.  In fact, half the fun comes from the ensuing confusion.

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