Name of Activity:
Stepping Stones

Grade Level: K-12 with modification

Equipment Needed: 12, more or less, stones (wooden disks about 6 inch diameter or pieces of 2x4 about 4-6 inches long, etc)  I start with about 1 1/2 times the number in the group.

Highlights: Cooperation, Teamwork, Brainstorming and Balance

Set-up: I place two mats about 30 feet apart.  I then place the stones on the starting mat.

Instructions:  The object of the game is for the group to transport their team across the piranha invested waters, without becoming fish food.  In other words, they must get their team from one mat to the other, using only the stepping stones and without touching the water.  If a student touches the water with any part of their body, then they must return to the starting mat and take any stones in their hand, back with them.


     1.  Stones cannot be scooted, thrown or rolled.
     2.  Students may not move stones if they have fallen in or are NOT standing on a safe (mat or stones) area.
     3.  Students may not leap to a stone (safety issue).


Helpful Hints: One of the nice things about this game, is that it can be easily adapted to the skill level of the players.  Personally, I start with the mat at 30 feet, then I put another at about 50 feet.  If the conquer the 1st mat, then they can go for the next mat.  You could also remove the number of stones the you give the group.  So you can make this game easier or harder by the distance of the mats, the number of stones and the size of stones.  Next year, I am going to make some stones higher than other, just to see the results.


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