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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Skyscrapers 

GRADE LEVEL: 3rd and Up

EQUIPMENT: as many swim noodles as possible per group (at least 8).  1 roll of masking tape per group.

HIGHLIGHTS: Cooperation, teamwork, strategy and very basic physics/science


INSTRUCTIONS: Divide your class into small groups.  Personally, I find that 4-5 per group works well, but you can have larger or smaller groups.
     Give each groups a large number of swim noodles.  The more the better, but I am going to suggest at least 8.  However, a variety of sizes will add to the creativity of this game as well.  Give each group 1 roll of masking tape.
     The object of the game is to build the largest, free standing skyscraper, using the materials provided.  Following are the rules:
     1.  The object must be free standing with no support from anything other than tape and the noodles.
     2.  The object must stand freely, for a minimum of 15 seconds.
Once the players are grouped, I do not offer help or suggestions on anything other than the rules.  I like to sit back and watch the communication and creativity take over.

HELPFUL HINTS: The tape seems to stick to the older noodles and may cause the foam to tear when taking them apart. 


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