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NAME OF ACTIVITY:  River Crossing (Incomplete)


EQUIPMENT: 3 or more two by 4's, various lengths as described.  Multiple bases as described

HIGHLIGHTS: Cooperation, teamwork, strategy, communication, balance

INSTRUCTIONS: This game is based off of a computer version that I found online.  I then built a board version for quadriplegic student that I had in my class.  This led me to the idea of building a full size version for my students.  When I picked up a group of homemade balance beams at an auction, this became a reality.
     The Object of the game is to get your entire team from one side of a river, to the other without become fish food.
     1,  Students are not allowed stand on an empty stump.
     2.  If a student touches the water, they must return to the river bank.
     3.  boards must fit perfectly on the stumps (the ends must begin and end on a stump).

HELPFUL HINTS:  I am still working on developing a better stump system, I will update this as I try out some ideas.


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