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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Prouty's Landing

GRADE LEVEL: 3rd and UP 

EQUIPMENT: One 3x3 platform, 1 climbing rope and 1 jump rope or pole to act as a line.

HIGHLIGHTS: Cooperation, teamwork, upper body strength and team strategy

INSTRUCTIONS: For this activity you will need a rope that can be used for swinging.  place the platform about 10 feet from where the rope hangs.  On the opposite side, about 10 feet away, place the jump rope of stick to act a a trip line.  It would be nice if the trip line is actually elevated so that hitting the trip line would knock it off or over.  So laying a jump rope across two pop cans, or a swim noodle across two cans would make a nice trip line.
     The object of the game is to move your group from the trip line side of the rope, to the platform without any players touching the ground in between.  Following are the guidelines that must be followed for this activity:
     1.  No knots may be tied into the rope (other than one that you feel necessary as the instructor).
     2.  Any player knocking over the trip line results in the entire team starting over.
     3.  Any player touching the ground beyond the trip line, must go back to the beginning.

HELPFUL HINTS: You may have to adjust the distances, size of the platform and/or knots in the rope, to match the skill level of your students. 


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