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GRADE LEVEL: 3-12, however, I feel it works best with the elementary

EQUIPMENT: 1 or more climbing ropes.  (I am lucky enough to have 3)

HIGHLIGHTS: Cooperation, teamwork, strategy, communication, upper and lower body strength

INSTRUCTIONS: I came up with this game while looking to add a cooperative game that makes use of my ropes. I have three ropes that are about 15 feet apart.  In between each rope, I make an island using a tumbling mat folded into a 4x4 section.  I vary the game by leaving different objects on each island that I think may help the students if they think creatively.  In one game I left a swim noodle and a jumprope on the first island only.  In another version I leave a 4x4 on the first island, then a gymnast ring in the next, and maybe a noodle on the next.  The good part of this game is that it can be modified to make it easier or more difficult depending on the grade level. The group must all start on the first mat with the first problem being to get the rope to their group.  The rope must start off by hanging motionless, and students may not leap for the rope!


     The Object of the game is to get your entire team from one end of the ropes, safely to the other end of the ropes. Following are the rules:
     1,  Students are not allowed to jump out after a rope.
     2.  If a student touches the ground (bottomless pit), they must return to square 1 and any equipment they had on them is lost for the duration of the game.
     3.  Any equipment that fall into the pit is lost for the duration of the game.
     4.  Students may not swing back to a previous island unless the entire group feels it is necessary in order to beat the game.
     5.  No equipment may be throw.

HELPFUL HINTS:  Change equipment to allow for different grade levels.  I like to add equipment that can be used creatively, to allow those who cannot hold their own body weight, to succeed.
     1.  I let the students be creative in how they acquire the rope, but I do watch for and stress safety.
This year, I tried something else, I had about 7 pieces of equipment and I had the names of the pieces written on an index card.  I then had the team draw two cards to see which two pieces of equipment they were allowed to use.  This mixed things up and also helped to keep students from copying other groups.


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