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EQUIPMENT:  Nuke transport (Octagon Platform with string attached to each side), or parachute, or Bicycle inner tube with 8 strings attached.

HIGHLIGHTS: Cooperation and teamwork

INSTRUCTIONS: First, I know you can buy several different versions of the nuke walk.  However, I do not have a lot of money so I build my own.  The first time I played this game I built my own transport with an octagon platform and strings (6-8ft) attached to each side.  I would then use a glass of water as the nuclear waste. 
     The object of the game is to transport the nuclear waste (cup of water) from one area to another, without spilling the water.  I start the game by placing the water on the transport while it is on the ground.  The students, using only the strings, must raise the transport, take it to the designated area and then set it down without a spill.  Sound easy? Nope, if you play indoors you will need some towels ready.
     Variation:  Another homemade variation is to make the transport from an old bicycle inner tube.  In this version you use a coffee can as the nuclear waste.  The inner tube circumference should be slightly smaller than the coffee can.  However, when stretched it will be larger than the can.  In this version, players will stretch the tube over the can, then let the tube contract around the can so that it can be lifted and transported.  The object of the game is the same, but how the container is carried is the difference.
     Variation: A variation that I use on field day involves the entire class.  I use a parachute as the transport.  I then use a large disc that I made from a hula-hoop and foam as the platform.  Finally, I use a cup of water as the nuclear waste.  The objective is the same, but using the parachute involves a huge number and eliminates tangled strings

HELPFUL HINTS:  First, my students would choke up on the string (making it shorter).  To fix this problem I attached washers to the end of the string and the players had to hold the washers. Second, if students were not careful in putting down the transport, string would easily tangle.  This can be fixed by using larger string or maybe surgical tubing or bungies. 
     In the platform versions, you can change the difficulty by the type of cup you use to transport.


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