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GRADE LEVEL: 3-12 Higher grades will generally have a wide variety of ideas.

EQUIPMENT: None however, I use mats indoors.

HIGHLIGHTS: Cooperation, critical thinking, balance and strength

INSTRUCTIONS:  I use this game as a station in my cooperative/initiatives unit.  Personally, I feel this game works best with groups of 6 or 7, but I have used as many as nine.  The idea here is simple.  The object of the game is to get your team from point A to point B (A distance of about 30ft, but adjustable to age of participants) under the following conditions:
     1.  All players in the group must stay connected.
     2.  The group may only move on a # of body parts
To start the game I will allow the students a number of body parts equal to their group number.  7 members may use 7 body parts.  They will solve this quickly, usually by holding hands and hoping on 1 foot.  This is fine as it is an early success and it shows me they get the idea.  After each success, the team must now attempt the challenge with 1 less body part.  The object of the game is to move your team from A to B on the fewest number of body parts.  To give you an idea of body part count, 1 person walking is 2 body parts, 1 person crawling is 4 body parts, etc.  
     I like this game as it leaves allot of room for different ideas and possibilities.

HELPFUL HINTS:  personally, I do not burden this game with too many rules.  Basically, the only 2 rules I have are stated above.  The only other limits that I might have would pertain to safety.  Also, emphasize that the group must be connected, some heroes may try to venture out on their own.


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