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EQUIPMENT: Ideally, a large number of tennis balls (300-500), however, you can make a smaller area with a lot less objects.  Also, you can use virtually any type of object;  bean bags, swim noodles, etc. 1 blind fold for every 2 players that will be playing at a time.

HIGHLIGHTS: Following verbal directions and cues, trust, balance, cooperation

INSTRUCTIONS: Scatter the tennis balls or other items about the playing area.  Players will work with a partner for this activity.  One partner will be blindfolded, and the other will be sighted.  The blindfolded partner will start at one end of the minefield, and he sighted partner will be on the sidelines.  The object of the game is for the sighted partner to talk his blindfolded partner through the minefield, without touching any objects.  This game can be set up to be a station activity for 2-4 players, or it can be set-up for a large scaled class version.  Following are some ideas on variation to this activity.
     Variation #1:  Students are timed on how fast they can get through the minefield.  Each touch of an object results in a 15 second penalty, to be assessed at the end of the course.
     Variation #2:  Students may race other students in head to head races.  Touches of an object require a timed penalty or a safe exercise, before continuing. 
     Variation #3:  Missile Command - The blindfolded person is now designated a SCUD missile and begins traveling through the minefield, in route to a designated target on the opposite end of the minefield.  60 seconds later, or an appropriately designated time, a patriot anti-missile (another blindfolded "it" student) will be released.  The object of the game id for the SCUD missile to hit his/her target before getting intercepted by the patriot missile.  During the game, if the SCUD missile touches an object, he/she must do 15 arm circles aloud before continuing.  If a Patriot missile touches an object he/she must do 10 toe touches before continuing.  To make this game very interesting, try having several Scuds and several Patriots all at the same time.

HELPFUL HINTS: Stress the importance of safety.  Use common sense if using tennis balls, as you do not want students to step on a ball while running or jogging.  Personally, I recommend keeping feet low and weight back if you are using balls of any kind.
     Also, if having more than 1 student in the course at a time, pleas take time to discuss a "bumpers up" position.  This with have students keeping their hands open and in front of their body, in case they bump an object or another person.


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