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NAME OF ACTIVITY:  Infinity Ball - Volleyball

GRADE LEVEL:  Grades 2-5

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  1 Beach Balls or volleyballs, 1 volleyball net

HIGHLIGHTS:  Eye-had coordination, Bumping, Setting, Serving and Teamwork

INSTRUCTIONS:  This game is set up as a standard volleyball game.  It can be used to practice virtually any skill associated with volleyball.  Form 2 teams for each game of infinity ball.  Personally, I will play 2 games at once, with each game competing against the other.  For now, let me focus on one game.  The object of this game is the opposite of volleyball.  In volleyball, the object is to make the opposing team miss, however in this game the two teams will work together to improve scoring.  The object of the game is to see how many times the teams can volley back and forth over the net.  Each proper volley is counted starting with one.  Teams should announce aloud each time the ball goes over the net, 1,2,3Ö..etc.  Once the ball hits the ground scoring stops and the teams will attempt to beat their all-time record.  I have two games going at once, with the games competing against one another.

HELPFUL HINTS:  I like this game due to all the possibilities.  You can have positions and work on rotation.  You can modify many things in the game to adapt it to a variety of skill levels.  For example, you could use balloons, beachballs, oversized volleyballs, or regulation volleyballs.  You can limit the teams to three hits or let them have unlimited hits.  You could allow others to help bad serves over the net or make serves regulation.  You could disqualify illegal hits with older students.  With younger students you could allow the ball to bounce once between each hit.  The possibilities with this game are almost endless  so donít be afraid to use your imagination.   

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