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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Hold the Rope Relay


EQUIPMENT NEEDED:1 jump rope or rope per every 5 players, 1 hat per player, or beanbag etc.

HIGHLIGHTS: Teamwork, cooperation, balance,   

INSTRUCTIONS: Place all of the hats, or objects you chose, at one end of the playing area.  The teams will line up on the opposite end of the playing area.  On the signal, team must race to the hats, keeping all hands on the rope.  While keeping both hands on the rope, players must put all their hats on anyway they can.  Players may not use their hands, as all hands are still holding the rope.  Once each player from the team has on their hat, they will race back to the finish line.  If a player drops a hat on the way back, the team must stop and replace the hat before continuing.  The first team to finish is declared the winner.
I have played this with beanbags and it worked great.  You can adjust the difficulty by reducing the number of players who need wear a bean bag, or by changing the item that they need to wear. Some other items to try? pinnies? Kentucky fried chicken buckets?, erasers?, anything that can be balanced or worn.  What about shoes?hmmm. your imagination is the limit.

HELPFUL HINTS: You can also adjust difficulty by body parts allowed.  Forearms, elbows, etc.  Thsi game would work for virtually any age group.


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