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HIGHLIGHTS: Ice Breaker, Cooperation

INSTRUCTIONS:  Randomly divide the class into groups of two.  Once together, the partners will each select a word that is related in some way, to their partners word.  Some examples may be: Foot-Ball, Peanut-Butter, pop-corn.  Anyway, as long as the two players get the relationship, the words they choose are fine.  Have each pair share their buzz words with the class.  This will insure no duplicates and the class will have fun sharing.  Now, separate the pairs, each player to opposite sides of the playing area.  Each player will now close their eyes or play blindfolded (make sure before playing any blindfolded game, that you teach the players to move slowly and keep their hands up at shoulder level, and out from their body, to act as bumpers).  The object of the game is to move across the playing area and find your partner.  Have the players move around for a few seconds to be sure they are not lined up with their partner, then start the game.  The players will begin announcing (shouting) the word of the person they are looking for.  For example, if I am Pop, I would move around yelling the word "Corn".  Of course my partner will be yelling  "Pop".  When we do find each other, we may take of our blindfolds and enjoy watching the remaining players, do exercises, or chat with each other if used as an ice breaker.

HELPFUL HINTS:  Stress safety with this activity.  Stress bumpers up and slow movements.


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