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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Hit and Switch

GRADE LEVEL: Any with modifications

EQUIPMENT: 1 Ball, Balloon, Pateka, Beachball or whatever item you choose.  I have been using this game as a volleyball lead-up but it is a great cooperative game on it's own.

HIGHLIGHTS:  Cooperation, Teamwork, eye-hand coordination and Possibly volleyball bumping and setting skills (If you use it this way).

INSTRUCTIONS: Students will be divided into small groups, with group size depending on age and ability.  Personally, I keep my groups around 5-7 players.  Each group will need a line to cross during this game.  All players will start on the same side of the line.  The first player begins the game by hitting (bumping, setting or serving if you are using this as a volleyball lead-up) the ball into the air and to another player.  Once the first player strikes the ball he/she must cross over the line.  The next player will do the same.  This continues until you get your entire team across the line.  The last person to hit, will hit the ball across the line in order to start the process again.  The object of the game is to see how many times you can get your team back and forth across the line before the ball hits the ground.  When the ball hit the ground, or is played by someone who is or should be across the line, play will start from the beginning.  Following are a couple of rules to remember for this activity:
     1.  Once a player hit the ball they must cross the line.
     2.  Once a player hits the ball, they may not play it again until the ball legally (everyone has hit it and the last player sends it over the line) is sent across the line.

HELPFUL HINTS:  You can change the difficulty level of this game by changing the ball.  Having my students practicing their bumps and sets also makes this game more challenging.  If you find the game too challenging and you have changed to an easier object, then you can have students keep track of how many players they were able to get across the line, then have them try to beat that number.


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