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NAME OF ACTIVITY:  Head and Hands


EQUIPMENT:  A soft style ball, beachball, oversized volleyball, soccer ball or balloon for lower grades.

HIGHLIGHTS:  Cooperation, Teamwork, eye-hand coordination, heading?, volleyball skills?

INSTRUCTIONS:  Dived your class into smaller groups.  Personally, my groups are from 5-7 players.  Each group has a ball.  The object of the game is to score as many points as possible (with higher grades you may need a time limit).  The first player will start by striking the ball (with a hand) into the air.  The group must now try to keep the ball in the air by striking it with their hands (0 points) or with their head (1 point).  So in short, the idea is to keep the ball in the air by striking with your head or your hands, with only the head strikes counting as points.  Originally the game was designed to be played for a time limit (1-2 Minutes) and with the team losing a point each time the ball hits the floor.  When playing this version, it is a good idea to designate 1 person, in each group, to be the counter. At the end of the time limit, groups will compare scores, then try again to beat their previous score.
     With younger groups, you could play the same version.  However, I have also played that the round is over as soon as the ball hits the ground.  Each team would then compete against the class best and/or their personal best.
     Variation:  Have students work on their volleyball skills during the hands (bumps and sets).  Have the students work on soccer skills by using the heads.

HELPFUL HINTS:  Adjust the skill level by changing the type of ball you use.  You could also keep teams out of the negative points by making headers worth 2 or 3 points per strike.


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