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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Hamburger Press


EQUIPMENT: at least 20 foam patties (hamburger) - swim noodle that has been cut into 1 1/2 inch thick patties.  Preferably the monster noodles (Fat ones).

HIGHLIGHTS:  Cooperation and teamwork

INSTRUCTIONS:  Personally, I use this a a station activity.  For each hamburger press I use two or three students.  The object of the game is to see how many patties the two players can push between their hands.  Hear are the rules that I use:
  2 player - Players start with one patty sandwiched between their hands (1 hand from each player).  Player one will then try to add a patty.  Player two will add a patty, and so on.  Players are not allowed to use their other hand except to add patties.  Personally, I do not let students adjust the patties with their free hand.  They are only allowed to add the patty.  Also, I do not allow the students to wrap their finger around the patty (They must press with palms only.  No other body parts can touch the patties.
  3 player - All the same rules, except player 3 does all of the adding of patties.  I use three players if I have an odd number of students in a group, or if I am short on patties.


HELPFUL HINTS: Watch for students who try beat the game by: building vertically instead of horizontally.  Or Students who try to add more then 1 patty at a time.


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