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NAME OF ACTIVITY: group juggling

GRADE LEVEL: grades 2-6

  EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  4-5 balls per group of 7 or so.

HIGHLIGHTS: throwing, catching, teamwork and cooperation.

INSTRUCTIONS:   Divide the class into groups of 5 or more, odd numbers work best.  Student should now form a circle with all players facing inward.  Start by giving a player a ball, this player will be the starter.  The starter will now throw the ball to any player that is not his neighbor.  The player that catches it will now do the same.  This will continue until the ball gets back to the starter.  Now that a pattern has been established have the students pass the ball in the same order as before.  Each player will always catch a ball thrown by the same person, and each player will always throw the ball to the same person.  This pattern should stay the same the entire game.  As the students find one ball easy, add another, and another, and another.  The object is to see how many you can keep moving in the circle.

HELPFUL HINTS: Emphasize that to be successful students must make good throws.  This makes a good game for small group stations or the entire class.


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