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GRADE LEVEL: K-12 (with adaptations)

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: 3 or 4 beach balls or other very lightweight balls.  Several soft nerf, flease, or other soft throwable.

HIGHLIGHTS: Throwing, teamwork, cooperations, tossing or throwing at a stationary target. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Create a large circle for the marble ring (size will depend on the age and skill of your students.  Inside the circle, place 3 or 4 poly spots, carpet squares or other similar item and the 3 or four beach balls.  The soft throwables will be distributed on the outside of the ring.  On the signal, the team will try to hit the partially deflated beachballs with their soft throwable.  The object is to get the beach balls onto the poly spot on carpet square in as short of time as possible. 
     Players may not enter the ring area for any reason.  If a throwable gets stuck in the ring, players may leave it, or try to knock it out with another throwable.

HELPFUL HINTS:  This game can be adapted for various skills by changing: the size of the circle, the size of the target area, the number of targets or the number of deflated balls.


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