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HIGHLIGHTS:  Cooperation, teamwork

INSTRUCTIONS: Divide the class into two equal teams.  Have half of the team form a circle facing outward, with elbows joined.  Instruct the rest of the team to get inside the circle.  Both teams have now formed their amoeba.  On the instructors signal, the amoebas will try to race to a designated area without coming apart.  The first team to reach the finish line wins.  Teams that come apart must repair themselves before continuing.
     Note:  sSome instructions suggest placing a leader on the shoulders of the inside players.  I have tried this with some of my lighter students, however, I feel safer with all students on the ground.

HELPFUL HINTS:  Winning is not stressed during this game, in fact at the end try one giant amoeba with the entire class as one.  Emphasize that students should not fall on purpose, safety is very important.


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