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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Almost Infinite Circle


EQUIPMENT: One length of rope per person. (jumprope)

HIGHLIGHTS: Critical thinking, communication, bending, twisting.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Have each person get with a partner.  Have partner A tie an end of their jump rope around each wrist, (one end around their left wrist, the other end around the right wrist). Have partner B tie one end of their own rope around their left wrist, then take the free end and put it through their partners circle of rope.  Then, tie the last end of player B's rope to his right wrist.  The object of the game is to separate from your partner with out untying your rope, or removing it it from your wrist.  

HELPFUL HINTS: Make sure the ropes are not to tight around the students wrist.

To solve - Have one student take a bit of their partners rope and push !it through the portion tied at the wrist.  Open the bit, take over the hand and pull back through.


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