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GRADE LEVELS: grades 2-12

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: 40 tennis balls enough for each student with a few extra ).

HIGHLIGHTS:  teamwork, strategy, eye-hand coordination, hitting a moving object.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Class is spread out randomly over the playing area. The instructor will throw, roll or kick out a number of balls equal to the number of players. The object of the game is to keep the moving tennis balls (rabid nugget ) moving for as long as possible.  Judges are placed at each end of the field to watch for balls that stop (hectics).  Each time a judge sees a hectic he will yell (berserk) " hectic" and point to the ball.  The players have 5 seconds to get the hectic moving.  A team continues to play until it accumulates six hectics.  Once a team accumulates six hectics the "frenzy" is over.  The object of the game is to see how long the team can make a frenzy last.  Every 15 seconds a judge will toss a new nugget into the game.

    Rabid Nugget a moving tennis ball
     Hectic -  A tennis ball that has stopped
     Berserk a loud hysterical scream
    Frenzy the time span for 1 Round of the activity

VARIATION:  This game also works well with balloons instead of tennis balls.  The idea stays the same, but players must now keep the balloons in flight.

HELPFUL HINTS:  Give the students time between each frenzy to plan a better strategy.  I used to play this game in my smaller gymnasium by dividing my class in half and having them compete against each other.  The class not involved in the frenzy acted as spotters for hectics.  This game worked fine, but I have not yet tried it in my larger gymnasium.

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