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NAME OF ACTIVITY: farm animals

GRADE LEVEL: grades k-2


HIGHLIGHTS:  imitation, team cooperation, listening skills and following direction of strictly audible input.

INSTRUCTION: Have students sit, spread out over the playing field, with their eyes closed, go around and assign each child a farm animal to imitate.  It is good to go over the animals to be used as well as their sounds before begin the game.  When the instructor begins the game, the students are to keep their eyes closed, and begin crawling around in search of other students that are making the same sound that they are.  The first team to get all of their animals together is the winning team.

HELPFUL HINTS: Be sure to stress the importance of fair play to the students before you begin the game.  Some of the students will have a tendency to open their eyes to see if they have found a person who has the same animal they do.  Another big point to stress is to have no talking during the game.


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