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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Electric Fence


EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  at least 2 standards, long piece of (surgical tubing, elastic) or a line of some sort. ( I used a volleyball net once, but do not recommend it).  Ideally, I find that surgical tubing is perfect as it is very forgiving in case a student falls or trips.  Mats

HIGHLIGHTS:  Strategy, cooperation, teamwork, balance, upper and lower body strength.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Personally, I set this up in a corner of the gym so I can seal the corner in with two standards, I run the surgical tubing between the poles from about 3 5 ft depending on the grade level.  I also tie bells on the line, near the standards, so students can hear a touch.  IMPORTANT: if you tie bells make sure they are near the standards, otherwise a student who falls on the line, then gets up, will cause the line to snap back quickly possibly hitting someone with the bells. (yes, I learned this from experience).

Inside the fence I place a 8ft 4x4 (half a trolley) and several safety mats. Make sure to talk about safety.

     Once set up, I tell my students the following story:

The Story You are being held prisoner in side the enemy compound.  The only thing keeping from escaping to the wonderful world of freedom, is this 10,000 volt electric fence.  The objective is for you and your entire group to reach freedom without anyone becoming fried chicken.  Unfortunately, the wire and everything that it is touching is receiving the full 10,000 volts this includes the wire, the poles, the tires and the bleachers.  Furthermore, there is electric running from the wire to the floor so you cannot go under, and there is electric running between the pole and the wall, so you cannot go around.  So I am afraid to say that the only way out is over the fence.  However, you do have a large chunk of wood that you have been left.  If you can find a way to use it, it may aide in your escape.  Following are the rules:
     1. You may not dive, or be thrown over, head first!
     2.  You may not use the mats to build! But use them for safety.
     3.  The wood may never touch the line.  If it does anyone touching it or even touching someone who is touching it, is toast!
     4.  Anyone who touches electric, or is in contact with anyone touching electric, must start again.

Remember, to succeed, you must escape your entire group before become fried chicken!

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