Rubber Ducky Relay

Contributed by: Jackie Almarode:  Alleghany High School in Alleghany County, VA

Name of Activity:
Rubber Ducky Relay/Review

Grade Level: K-6 with modification

Equipment Needed: Many rubber duckys (the kind you see at carnivals) and a kiddy pool.

Highlights: Teamwork, Cross Curricular Activity ( math, science, any)

Set-up: Each duck has a number placed on its bottom. The numbers are to correspond with the number of questions that you need to review. A can of marbles, or other similar item in which you can keep score.

Instructions:  This game can be played in the classroom, or in the gymnasium, so there are 2 version: 
: Class is divided up into 4 or 5 teams, with 4-5 players per team.  A student must go up or run up depending on the setting and choose a duckie and perform the activity corresponding to the number chosen.  Activities will be prepared ahead of time describing what the student must do for each number selected. Each student must perform the activity chosen and then return to their team as quickly as possible.  The first team to finish, wins a point.
     Classroom/Review:  The classroom is divided into 2 teams.  The first player will move to the front and select a duckie.  The student is then given the question that corresponds with the duck selected.  If the student answers correctly, then his/her team has a marble added to their container.  The first team to fill their container is the winner and earns a prize.

Helpful Hints: Variations:  Gym - You can change the way students race to the pool (hop, leap, skip, bear walk, etc) to add a variety of skills.
Classroom/Review: You could allow the opposing team to steal missed questions.  You could also vary the way students must approach the pool (seal walk, duck walk, etc).  Also, you can have individuals answer, or you can have the team answer.


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