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NAME OF ACTIVITY:  Diminishing Load Problem

GRADE LEVEL: 2-12, however, I feel it works best with the elementary

EQUIPMENT: none, but indoors I use mats anyway.

HIGHLIGHTS: Cooperation, teamwork, strategy, communication, upper and lower body strength

INSTRUCTIONS: Personally, I use this with two other activities, so I use about 1/3 of my class (8-10) per group.  I mark two area approx. 30ft apart.  The object of the game is for the team to move all of their player from one area to the other, under the following conditions:
   1.  To get to the other area, players must be carried.
   2.  The player who carried a person across, MUST be the next player carried.
   3.  You may use more than 1 player to carry, but they would have to be next one carried.
   4.  1 player (the last player) will get a free pass across the area, but only 1 player.
   5.  If the team gets stuck or feels they have made a mistake in order, they may start over at any time.
   6.  If a player touches the ground, in any way, while being carried he/she must go back.

HELPFUL HINTS:  To you and I this game seems simple, however, elementary students may find it challenging.  In my classes, most the larger boys just want to grab someone and go, but they will soon get stuck.
     If a class is successful, I will issue a next level challenge:  They must try it again but they cannot carry the same person they carried when they were successful.  Furthermore, if anyone being carried touches the groound, the entire group must begin again.
     1.  I let the students be creative in how they carry each other, but I do watch for and stress safety.


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