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GRADE LEVEL: 2nd and Up

EQUIPMENT: 5-8 hula hoops, carpet squares, or other flat marker

HIGHLIGHTS: Teamwork, Cooperation, Running, Evading, Dodging, and Strategy. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Set-up the game by scattering the hoops, carpet squares randomly about the play area.  Personally, I scatter 8 hoops about my basketball court for 25 players.  Select 2-5 players to be the "Raid Cans".  The difficulty of this game can be adjusting by adding or subtracting the number of "its" (Raid Cans).  Personally, I like to start off with 2 Raid cans and the remaining players as the "ants".  On the signal to begin, the "Raid Cans" will begin to tag as many ants as possible.   When an ant is tagged, they must assume the dead ant position on the floor.  The dead ant position is laying on your back with your arms and legs extended toward the ceiling.  Dead ants must remain in this position until the game ends or they get rescued by the other ants.  
     To Rescue the dead ants: To rescue a dead ant, four live ants must pick up the dead ant by his/her arms and legs (1 ant per appendage) and carry them to an open hoop.  Once the dead ant is placed into a hoop, they are immediately brought back to life.
     At the end of the round, 2-5 minutes, we will add up the number of dead ants.  If there are 5 or more dead ants on the floor, then the "Raid Cans" win the game.  However, if there are less than 5 dead ants on the floor, then the ants win the game.
     Misc. Rules:  
          1.  You may not tag an ant that is attached to the arm or leg of a dead ant.
          2.  You must have 4 live ants to carry a dead ant.
     ADJUSTING THE GAME:  As already stated, you can adjust the game by adding or subtracting the number of "Its".  Personally, I start with 2 "Its" and adjust by changing some of the rules.
     2nd and 3rd grade: I start with 2 "Its" and players may not be tagged if they are touching the arm or leg of a dead ant.  If this is too easy for the ants I add more "Its" or go to the 4th grade rules.
     4th Grade:  I start with 2 "Its" and students are only safe if there are 2 or more players attached to the arms and legs of an ant.  In other words, if you are the only player attached to the dead ant, you can still be tagged.  If this game is too easy, I will let them try the 5th grade version.
     5th Grade: I start with 2 "Its" and students are only safe if they have 4 players attached to the dead ants.  In other words, If 1,2, or 3 players are attached, they can still be tagged.
     6th and Up: Start with the 5th grade rules, but if it is too easy for the ants, then add more "Its".

HELPFUL HINTS: I really stress the idea of cooperation and teamwork.  I now use this game in my cooperative unit as students can work together to find strategies that improve the chances of winning.  Furthermore, I stress that the ants all win, or the all the ants do not win.  This helps them understand that they need to cooperate to win. 


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