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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Crossing the Great Divide

GRADE LEVEL:  Any (with group size modifications)


HIGHLIGHTS:  Cooperation

INSTRUCTIONS:  Divide the class into small groups.  The first time you try this game, I recommend you test it with a small group of 2-5, depending on grade level.  You can then adjust the groups as necessary.  This game looks and sounds simple but it is very challenging.  The object of the game is to get your group across the great divide (an area you select, 40 ft or so).  To do so the players start line up beside each other, with their feet touching the feet of the players next to them.  The the team must cross the great divide without anyone's feet losing contact with the feet of the players next to them.  When to players lose contact, the group mus return to the starting line before starting their next attempt.  So in short, all the team has to do is cross the designated area without coming apart (anyone losing foot contact with their neighbor).  Sound easy?  Give it a try.

HELPFUL HINTS:  The obvious way to adjust the difficulty of this game is to add or subtract the number of players in a group.  At the end of the game, try having the whole class as a group.  The may not make it, but it will be fun to see.


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