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EQUIPMENT:  Mats for safety

HIGHLIGHTS:  Cooperation, Forward Rolls, Trust

INSTRUCTIONS:  First, let me say that I give students the option of attempting this activity and I let them know that they should be fairly comfortable with a forward roll before attempting.  I use this is an advanced option to a forward roll, therefore students who do not wish to attempt this version, may work on their individual forward roll.
     Personally, I do this with two teams so their is half the wait time and I can make it competitive if I wish.  I also do this to separate boys and girls due to the nature of the activity.
     Start by having each team for a single file line.  Now have each member take their right hand and pass it back through their own legs.  Now have each member take their left hand and hold the right hand of the person in front of them.  If this is done correctly, you will have formed a chain with everyone's hands joined (except the front person has a free left hand and the last person has a free right hand.
     Now that all players are ready, start the caterpillar by having the first person do a forward roll, without letting go of any hands.  Once the roll is completed, I have the student sit criss cross.  The line will now work together to move up and the second player will need to move over the seat first player.  Once in front of the first player, the second player will now do a forward roll without letting go of any hands.  Once completed, they too will sit criss cross.
     This continues until all players have moved forward and completed their forward roll.

HELPFUL HINTS:  I stress right away that if anyone pulls up on the hand they are holding, they will be removed from the game.  Number 2, make sure the person behind the roller pays attention as to not get kicked in the face.  Number 3, I do not panic if some students let go of hands to help with their forward roll.  Of course the idea is not to let go, but at least they are in there trying.  Number 4, I seperate the older kids into all boy and all girl teams for obvious reasons (or if it is not obvious now, it will be when you try it).


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