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EQUIPMENT: As many tennis balls as possible (at least 60 per player)

HIGHLIGHTS: Isometric exercise, cooperation, strategy and teamwork.


INSTRUCTIONS: This game can be done in pairs or small groups.  Personally, I use groups of 2 or 3 players.  The object of the game is for 1 player in the group to hold as many tennis balls off the ground as possible.  Each team will have the ball holder, and the other player(s) will be be the stuffers (those who help place the balls onto the holder.  Players will only need to adhere to the following guidelines:
     1.   Players may not use their clothes or pockets to hold the tennis balls.
     2.  The tennis balls can not be touching any other player or object.
     3.  The tennis balls need to be held for 10 seconds to qualify as a hold.
After each attempt, allow the players to switch roles so that all players have at least 1 attempt at a new world record.

HELPFUL HINTS: Personally, I like to give each student more than one attempt so that they may discuss and reconsider strategy.
     Also, at the end of the period, I time the students on how fast they can get all the tennis balls back into the container.


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