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EQUIPMENT:  Platforms, hula-hoop, rope? or a variety of items

HIGHLIGHTS:  Cooperation, balance

INSTRUCTIONS:  First, let me explain the equipment.  Originally, I believe this game was to be played on a 2x2 platform.  I have now seen where some of the sporting good companies are carrying various size platforms. Personally, I do not have the money or space to buy platforms, so I use whatever I feel is appropriate.  I can always change the difficulty of the game by adding or subtracting players to/from the group.
     Now, with that being said, lets get to the game.  Dived the class into small groups (size depends on the difficulty you want and the item you use).  The group is given a platform (in my case a hula-hoop of foam platform).  The object of the game is to see if you can get your entire group to stand in or on the designated item, for 10 seconds.  If successful, you can make the area smaller (smaller platform, remove a link from the hoop if possible) or you can add more people to the group.
     The rules are simple, all players must be in or on the designated area for 10 seconds

HELPFUL HINTS:  What about trying a variety of items?  maybe a rope tied into a circle, a hula-hoop, a gymnastics mat, a carpet square.  just use your imagination.  I will admit that if the platform can be raised, it is easier to make sure all player are aboard.


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