Name of Activity:
Aerial Soccer

Grade Level: K-6 with modification

Equipment Needed: as many soft throwables as possible.  Use whichever type of ball suits the skill you wish to emphasize.  I use oversized tennis balls (softball), nerf footballs (football) etc.  A long rope, small pulley, large beachball or any large lightweight ball, and a ball bag net, turnbuckle.

Highlights: Overhand throwing. Opposition, Cooperation, throwing at a moving and stationary target.

Set-up: I place the very large target ball into the net bag.  I then take the net bag and attach it to my small pulley (1/4 inch).  I then thread this onto my line (1/4 or 3/8 inch, but I will double check) and attach the line to the basketball hoops at each end of the gym.  I then tighten the line as much as possible, using a turnbuckle at one end of the rope.

Instructions:  Divide students into two teams.  place one team on each side of the gym and the target ball in the middle.  On the signal, the players will start throwing the soft balls at the target in an attempt to get the target ball to cross the opposing teams goal line.  The first team to hit the target ball past the goal line, gets a point.


Helpful Hints: Variations:  Cooperative - Place all the students on one side of the ball and time them as to how long it takes to get from one end to the other.  Give them several attempts so they may organize a strategy, such as (some students running and gather balls, or throw and then retrieve, etc, let them come up with ways they feel will help beat the ALL-TIME school record ;)
Run and Gun: Allow only certain students to throw (girls throw, boys run or however you decide), while the rest of the team must run to gather ammo.  Runners must hand the ball to the throwers.  This makes throwing assessment easier and also cuts down on the number of throws at one time, if you feel that is necessary.


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