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GRADE LEVEL: grades 1-6

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Two nerf balls, or similar type ball

HIGHLIGHTS: dodging thrown objects, hitting a moving target, throwing

INSTRUCTIONS:  Have students form a circle about arms length apart.  The circle is divided into two teams.  Each player will be given a number that corresponds to the numbers on the opposing team.  At the beginning of the game, two balls are placed in the center of the circle.  The instructor will call out a number, each player with that number will run to the center and try to hit the opposing player with the ball.  The first player to do so will earn one point for his team.  Players on the outside of the circle will try to keep the ball in play for the participating players.

HELPFUL HINTS: Players may not leave the center of the ring for any reason.  Personally, If possible, I would divide my class into several small rings as to maximize participation.


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