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GRADE LEVELS: grades 3-6

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: 10 - 15 soft style balls, 2 scooters, 2 jump ropes, or 2-3 wands per team.

HIGHLIGHTS: throwing at a moving target, catching, dodging

INSTRUCTIONS: The class is divided into two teams, one on each half of the gym.  All the balls are placed between the two teams.  In each teams corner, outline a small area 6x6, this will represent the teams hospital.  One player from each team is assigned to be the medic.  The medic is given a scooter with a jump rope through it.  Players begin behind a line at the farthest half of their area (away from the balls).  On the instructors’ signal, the players will go to the center and attempt to get the balls.  At this point players begin throwing the balls at one another trying to hit their opponents below the shoulders.  When a player is hit, or his throw is caught, he must fall to the ground.  At this point the medic will bring out his scooter and pull the wounded person back to the hospital, where he will stay for thirty seconds.  If the medic gets hit neither he or the rest of the wounded players there after can be saved.  The game continues for a time limit, or until one team has lost all of their players.

                                                    Regular Medic

                                                      Mass Medic

Medic Variations

Mass Medic - Mass Medic (shown above) is played by having all the players able to act as medics.  The game is played as standard medic except that any student can rescue any other player on their team.  To rescue another player you must drag the player to be rescued back to the hospital.  The player being dragged must not assist in any way, I tell the students that they must act unconscious.  Once inside the hospital area, students count to thirty and then return to the game.  In this variation, any number of students can drag one individual.

Magical Medic – Magical medic (shown below) is played with the same basic rules as medic except in this variation the medic carry a magic wand (Styrofoam hockey stick).  Medics are able to rescue downed players by simply touching them with the stick.  Upon being touched, students are able to immediately join back into the game (no counting required).  In this variation, medics are not invulnerable.  When a medic gets hit he must put his wand away, as it is eliminated for the rest of the game, and go back to where he was hit and wait to be rescued.  Upon being rescued, medics return only as a regular player.  When all of your medics are eliminated you will have no way to be rescued.  Game will continue until one team eliminates their opponent.  Medics may use their wands as a shield, but are not allowed to swing them at the ball.


                                            Magical Medic

007 Medic – 007 medic can be played with any of the above variations.  In 007 medic, I will secretly select a spy from each team.  I do this by having the teams line up with their eyes closed.  I then will tap the designated spies on the shoulder.  The spy will still play on his own team as normal, however, when he or she thinks it is a critical time, the spy will begin trying to eliminate their own team (this is a great time to eliminate medics).  Once a spy gets hit (after being exposed) he or she will return to their team (the team they were spying for) as a regular player who is it.  Once rescued, they will play as a regular player.

VARIATION - Make the medic invulnerable, and play the game for a certain time period.

VARIATION - Instead of trusting players to count their thirty seconds, let all the players out every, so many, minutes.

VARIATION – Students may use mats to build forts (samples below) for which to hide in or behind.  Once the game begins, mats cannot be touched by any player from any team.  Only thrown balls may attack forts.


HELPFUL HINTS: A player that hits another player in the head, before the ball hits anything else, is considered to be wounded and must sit.  This rule is optional depending on the types of balls, as well as the circumstances of the hit (for example, was the student ducking when the were hit?).

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