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NAME OF THE ACTIVITY: Hunker Hawser (Coiled Cobra)

GRADE LEVEL:  Grades 1-12

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Two small platforms ( 2x2 ), old car tires work well, as do carpet squares, etc. one rope ( 10-15 feet long)

HIGHLIGHTS:  Developing upper body strength, 1-1 competition, balance, strategy.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Space platforms approximately 6-10 feet apart, and place a rope between them.  Assign one player to each platform.  Each player will now grab an end of the rope, and assume a hunkered or squatted position.  The remaining slack in the rope will lie between the players.  On the given signal players may begin to take up the slack and attempt to unbalance the opposing player from the platform.  Competition continues until a player falls (touches the ground with any body) from the platform.  The winning player will stay and a new challenger will take the losers place.
     During this activity, players may unbalance an opponent by pulling on the rope or by giving slack on the rope when their opponent pulls.  I play with two ways to win, First if you unbalance you opponent you win, and secondly if you gather all of the rope from your opponent you win.

VARIATION - Set up only one rope between three or four platforms.

HELPFUL HINTS: This game was designed to be used with small (small enough so a player could not move their feet without becoming unbalanced) elevated platforms. However, I have yet to come up with a decent elevated platform, so I use carpet squares.
     The thicker the rope the better ( I like 1 inch, but I think mine are more like 1/2-3/4), smaller rope will give a better chance for burns.  If the platforms slide together I call the game a tie and begin again.  Stress the importance of safety and fair play.  This is a good game to use as small group station, or a small space station.

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