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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Chicken Fights



HIGHLIGHTS: Balance, Leg Strength (quadriceps)

INSTRUCTIONS: Pair-up all players.  Players must assume a squatted position, with the thighs no higher than parallel to the floor (Bottom near the floor please).  When players are ready, begin the game.  The object of the game is to push, pull or twist your opponent to the floor.  A player is considered down when any body part touches the floor other than the feet.  Play the best of three then switch partners.  Following are some important rules:
     1.  No striking, punching, slapping kicking etc.
     2.  No diving into opponent, you must remain up when your opponent goes down.
     3.  Mats may be helpful and control boundaries
      4. No pulling on clothing or hair
    5. Players may never have thighs above parallel

HELPFUL HINTS: Emphasize safety and control!  I use this is a station and You can also use this in a tournament format with winners playing winners, etc.


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