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NAME OF ACTIVITY:  Cat on a Fence

GRADE LEVEL:  Grades K-12

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  Balance beam?, None

HIGHLIGHTS:  Balance, Body control   

INSTRUCTIONS:  Players are paired up with their partner.  Play begins by having each player stand heel toe and facing their partner (About 12-18 inches from their partner).  Players will then join their same hand in a thumb grip (like are wrestling).  On the signal, each player will try to make the other person move their feet, by unbalancing them with pushes and pulls of their connected hand.  When a player moves at least 1 of their feet so they are no longer heel-toe, play starts over and 1 point is awarded.
     Play the best of three and then switch partners.

Variation:   Have the mats and balance beams will make points more obvious.

HELPFUL HINTS:  There is no body contact in the game!  Only pushing on pulling your partners hand is allowed.  If one player lets go, a point is awarded to their opponent.

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