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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Asteroids and Anklebiters


EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  Swim noodles (1/2 noodle) for about half the class.

HIGHLIGHTS: Running, dodging, evading, Fencing lead-up?

INSTRUCTIONS: Designate half the class to be asteroids (they have a swim noodle), and the other half to be anklebiters.  This is a good short time game to get the kids moving.  
     The asteroids are standing, and the anklebiters are seated stationary on the floor.  On the signal to begin, the asteroids can attack any other asteroid by trying to tag them below the waist with their swim noodle.  When an asteroid gets tagged, they must toss their noodle in the air or to a nearby anklebiter.  Once the anklebiter has a noodle, he/she may enter stand and begin attacking other asteroids.  Game continues for a designated time, or until the students are worn out.

HELPFUL HINTS: If a noodle lands where no anklebiter can reach, then I allow the anklebiter to crawl to the noodle.  Stress the importance of honesty in being tagged.  This is another game where you can add an exercise upon being tagged.


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