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EQUIPMENT: 1-3 foam noodles (depending on number of teams) foam noodle

HIGHLIGHTS: Cooperation, Teamwork, Dodging and Evading

INSTRUCTIONS: Divide the class into teams of 3.  To build a spider, the three players forming a team will interlock elbows while standing back to back.  Now personally, at this point I will allow my students a short time to practice moving together.  Once I see they are able to move, I will begin the game.  Select 1 or 2 teams to be the "its" and give the "its" 1 noodle (I use 1/2 noodles) per team.  On the signal, the spiders who are "it" will attempt to tag another spider with the noodle (below the shoulders).  Upon, tagging another spider, they will give the noodle to the tagged spider and leave.  The tagged spider must give the noodle to any one of their players, spin around 3 times, then they may chase after any other spider.  Following are the basic rules to the game:
     1. Spiders must be connected when tagging another team.
     2.  If a fleeing team comes apart, they are counted as tagged.
     3.  Each time a spider is tagged, a different player in the group must have the noodle.
     4.  Upon being tagged, spiders must spin 3 times before chasing.
     5.  Taggers must tag below the shoulders.

HELPFUL HINTS: I vary the number of "its" in this game.  If you have too few "its", there is not enough action to keep all the spiders busy.  Adjust the number of "its" as necesary.


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