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NAME OF ACTIVITY: snake in the grass

GRADE LEVEL: grades K-6


HIGHLIGHTS:  Moving at different levels, chasing, teasing, and tagging.

INSTRUCTIONS:    Have one or two players selected to be the snakes.  Have the snakes lay, face down, in the center of the playing area.  All other players will gather around and place one finger on the snakes.  The teacher will then shout snakes alive".  The snakes will now slither, squirm, wiggle attempting to tag other players.  The players are moving bravely around the snakes.  Teasing the snakes can or cannot be allowed.  Once a player is tagged by a snake, he becomes a snake as well.  The winner is the last player to be tagged by the snakes.  The winner will have his choice of being a snake the next game.

VARIATION: I have the snakes use scooters to move around.  This gives the snakes a little more mobility and makes the game a little more challenging.  If students intentionally get tagged, I may limit the number of scooters or snakes.

HELPFUL HINTS: Have players be careful while moving, as to not step on the snakes, or their fingers.  Emphisize honesty is important to the success of the game.

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