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HIGHLIGHTS: Teamwork, Evading, Cooperation, Running

INSTRUCTIONS: Dived the class into teams of 3 or 4 (The smaller the train, the less whipping motion for the last player).  Select 1- 3 players (depending on the number of teams) to be the "Loose Caboose" (these players will be playing as individuals and do not have a team at the start of the game).  The teams of four will now form a train by placing their hands on the hips of the player in front of them.  You should now have several 4 main trains scattered about the playing area.  On the signal, the "Loose Caboose" will attempt to run and latch on the back of another train (the trains are trying to keep this from happening).  If a "Loose Caboose" is successful in latching on to a train, the engine (front person) must leave the train and become the new "Loose Caboose" and attempt to join onto a new train.  Personally, I just play this game for a given time period and do not worry about winners.  

HELPFUL HINTS: Stress the importance of keeping your train connected.  Personally, I do not penalize disconnections unless it becomes a real problem.
     Stress the importance of safety, especially as it pertains to the latching onto another train and as it pertains to the whipping motion that may occur to the last player on the train during fast turns.  For this reason, I prefer 3 or 4 man trains.


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