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NAME OF ACTIVITY: fox and sheep

GRADE LEVEL: grades K-2


HIGHLIGHTS:  Running in large groups safely, tagging, dodging and reacting to verbal clues

INSTRUCTIONS:   Students are all lined up at one end of the gym.  These players are the sheep.  One student is selected to be the fox.  The fox will begin the game by naming off times. (1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, etc. ), when the fox says "mid-night" the sheep will run to the other end of the gym.  As the sheep run, the fox will tag as many as possible.  Once the sheep make it to the end of the gym they wait for the fox to name the times again.  Any sheep tagged by the fox will become fox also.  The last sheep left in the game is the winner and may be the next fox if he wishes.

HELPFUL HINTS: Discourage the act of getting caught on purpose just to become a fox.  Emphasize large group running safety.

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