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EQUIPMENT NEEDED: 1 belt and two flags per person

HIGHLIGHTS:  safety in large group running, dodging, grabbing skills, eye-hand coordination.

INSTRUCTIONS:   Each person has a belt and two flags on.  One or two players are chosen to be "It".  The players chosen to be "it" chase the rest of the players trying to remove their flags.  When both a players flags are removed that person becomes an "it" as well.  The last player in the game is the winner.

VARIATION - Have all the players be "it" and rip off each others flag.  The player with the most flags at the end of the game is the winner.

VARIATION - Have two people be "it", like before they try to rip the flags from the other players.  When the "Its" get a flag they should throw it on the floor.  Once a player has both flags removed they sit on the ground.  The players that are seated on the field try to grab the flags from those playing.  If they get one they may put it on and continue to play.  The last player left is the winner.

HELPFUL HINTS: Players are not allowed to guard their flags.  Players are not allowed to grab onto clothes, Players are not allowed to pick up flags from the ground.

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