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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Everybody's It



HIGHLIGHTS: Chasing, Fleeing, Any exercise you choose, Great Warm-Up

INSTRUCTIONS: This game is very simple and a great energizer for getting your kids moving.  I use this game when I have a small amount of time at the end of a class, or to get the kids moving at the beginning of the class.
     Designate the playing area and the boundaries.  Have the students spread about in a scatter formation.  On the signal to begin, all students are "It" and may tag any other student.  Once a player is tagged, they leave the playing area to perform the designated exercise or skill.  For example, when you get tagged you must leave the area, perform 10 jumping jacks, then you may enter the game again.  If two players tag each other at the same time, they must both leave the playing area. 

HELPFUL HINTS: I found that this game works better if you designate a couple entrances to the play area.
Otherwise students will enter from anywhere and you will see players tagging at the edge of the boundaries.  
      You can also vary the exercises performed after being tagged.  For example, the first time you are tagged, you do Jumping Jacks, second time you do crunches, etc.


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