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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Double Tunnel Tag



HIGHLIGHTS: Cooperation, Evading, Bending, Twisting, any exercise

INSTRUCTIONS: Divide the class into teams of two (each player has a partner).  Select 1-3 of the teams to be the "its" (personally, I use gold vests to identify the "its".  This game is now player just like Tunnel Tag, except all players must stay joined with their partner.  The "its" will attempt to tag the players.  Upon being tagged, the players must form a tunnel (using both players from the team).  The tagged players must stay frozen in a tunnel formation until another team goes through their tunnel.  Once a team has gone through the tunnel of the frozen team, the frozen team is freed and may re-join the game.  Once a team has been tagged 3 times, I will have them come to the sideline, get a vest and join the game as "its".  The game ends when a certain time limit has expired or when all the players are frozen. Following are 2 more rules:
1.  Players must be connected at all times (I allow disconnects for making of some tunnels and for going through some tunnels.
2.  "Its" must be connected while tagging other players.

     If you want to have winners, there are several options:
          1.  The last 1 or 2 teams to be frozen are the winners.
          2.  All players that are not an "it" at the end of the game are declared the winners.
          3.  At the end of time, if there are still players unfrozen, the players win.  If all the players are frozen by the "its" then the "its" win.
     However you decide to play this game, the students will enjoy it.  Personally, I will select the last two players to be frozen, as "its" for the next round.

HELPFUL HINTS: Stress the importance of safety when going through another players tunnel.  You may also want to add a rule that a player going through a tunnel cannot be tagged.  
     Personally, I also think it is a good idea to recognize some of the most creative tunnels seen during a game.
     To add more exercise to this game, have newly freed players do an exercise before rejoining the game. 


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