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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Cats in a corner

GRADE LEVELS: Grades 1-6


HIGHLIGHTS: Running safely in a large group, dodging, and honesty in being tagged.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Class is divided into four groups, keep one person out to be the "it".  Each group is given a corner, which is a safe area.  To begin the game, the "It" will say: cats in the corner.  On this signal the players must run to another corner before being tagged by the "it".  Any players that get tagged while moving between corners is also an "it".  The last player to be tagged is the winner and by be it the next game if he chooses.

VARIATION - all players in your group must go to the same corner.  Also players may have to go to corners in a particular order.

HELPFUL HINTS: Stress the importance of running safely.
     Also the importance of being honest when getting tagged.

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